Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Perfect Parent

Mrs. Cleaver, America's role model for being the "Perfect Parent." Do you find yourself trying your best to be flawless? Are you constantly wondering what other people think of your parenting style? Below are 10 steps to becoming the perfect parent. Many times I have said there is no such thing as perfect... today I am here to tell you there is and how to achieve it!

1. Go to bed after a long day of playing outside dirty. Ok this one sounds gross, but how many times have you as a child wanted to play outside until the last second of sunlight, and continued to play until the fireflies started fading out? YES!! This was the best, and of course by that time, bath time was long gone, and the backs of your eyelids were drawing near. Sheets and children can always be washed the next day.

2. Skip making dinner and play! This happens around our house more than I'd like, but I'd rather spend time playing and laughing with Meet Mot than cooking a dinner. (I'm sure he loves it too) There are nights where hubby picks up food on the way home for us to eat. On nice summer nights we like to eat out on the porch, with PLASTIC forks and PAPER plates ;-) *I see you cringing.*

3. Don't touch your laundry for 3 days! It feels so exhilarating breaking the "norm" :)

4. Miss the bus for fun. I remember when I missed the bus, it was a stressful moment, and pretty much ruined my whole day at school. My mom would frantically run to the house in her robe rummaging for her purse and keys, my lunch would sit on the counter forgotten in midst of all the chaos, and we'd hop in the car to chase the bus down. Kids are so sensitive, and so used to being "perfect" that if they make a mistake, they feel like their whole world is turned upside down. Be late one day, enjoy an extra long breakfast chat and watch the bus go by. It will be ok. I promise. It will also teach your kid to improvise without being a mad man or woman!

5. Go without a schedule/plans for a day. Again, touching on the subject that kids don't need to be perfect either. Throwing the schedule out the window for a day isn't going to hurt anything. This will allow them to know that it is okay to not be the same all of the time, and also help them adjust to doing things differently on occasion.

6. Eat junk food every now and then. Anyone who knows me, knows I  HATE junk food, well I don't personally, however the thought of feeding my child wasted nutrients and sugars is horrifying. An occasional treat isn't going to hurt anything, it doesn't have to be a corn syrup, GMO'd snack, but something that you wouldn't normally have. For example, Mason had a fruit leather the other day and loved it!!!

7. Get Messy, and don't clean up. The stigma of being a perfect "housewife/mom" comes with having a perfect house right? To me, someone whose house is spotless doesn't have fun. Now, my house is always clean, but now and then I will let the chair sit in the middle of the room for a day, because it is his new "mountain." to climb, or for him to keep a blanket out to snuggle with randomly during the day.

8. Allow your children to dress themselves, matching or not. This is the best! They will not only feel accomplished, they will love all of the attention they get during the day! Try it, sit back and allow them to be their own little person.

9. Watch an episode of pointless, noneducational cartoons. (would be great paired with #6) We found ourselves watching the Flinstones the other day, not that he particularly enjoyed it, but it brought back great memories of my childhood... it was good for the soul.

10. Teach your child the importance of caring for and respecting everything, inanimate or not. That difference of opinions, ideas, and ways of living doesn't make one person better than the other. This is a valuable life lesson that will take them far, being able to adjust or "Chameleon" themselves into different situations will make them not only a more likable person, but one who can listen to, empathize with and help others.